AGM Information

Date : Tuesday December 15th, 2015

Location : Vancouver

Record Date : Monday November 9th, 2015

Management Circular Posted to Sedar : Monday November 16th, 2015

Management Circular Received by FCU OS : Friday November 20th, 2015

Voting Details : Please BE SURE to check YOUR documents for YOUR specific voting criteria.

This will be the most important AGM in the Company's history. It's your investment, and it's your company. We hope that you will stay up-to-date and informed leading up to the meeting.

NOTICE : This information, this page, and this website as a whole, is not intended to, and does not, constitute a solicitation of proxies in relation to the Fission AGM. Any solicitation of proxies by, or on behalf of, FCU OverSight or G. James Gifford as the nominating shareholder in relation to the Meeting, will take place upon and following the dissemination of the information circular and other meetings materials in accordance with applicable law.