Blair Lockhart - Ms. Lockhart is a lawyer with substantial experience in securities, corporate and mining law. Most recently she was senior legal counsel in the B.C. Securities Commission's corporate finance group, and has worked at companies in the technology and mineral exploration sectors as a lawyer for 15 years. Previously, Ms. Lockhart was a Crown prosecutor. Ms. Lockhart is an experienced geologist, working on mineral exploration projects throughout Western Canada and internationally, and was the founding faculty lead of BCIT's Centre for Mine Economics and Business.

Ms. Lockhart holds a master of laws (with merit) from the School of Oriental and African Studies, United Kingdom; bachelor of laws from the University of British Columbia; a master of science from the University of Alberta; and a bachelor of science (honours) from the University of Manitoba. Further, Ms. Lockhart is an active member of the B.C. Environmental Appeal Board, the B.C. Forest Appeals Commission, and the B.C. Oil and Gas Appeal Tribunal.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Ms. Lockhart is an active member of not-for-profit organizations including: Canadian president of Children's International Summer Villages, an international children's peace education organization, and a member of the Beauty Night Society, a charity assisting disadvantaged women in the downtown east side of Vancouver.

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