A total of 197,855,736 shares, or 51.16% of Fission's common shares that were eligible to be voted at the Meeting, were voted representing record shareholder turnout.

Updated by FCU : The company reported a total of 197,855,736 shares voted at the meeting, but the board election drew about 167.7 million votes, media rep David Matthews informed Resource Clips.

OS : +/- 386,000,000 eligible / +/- 168,000,000 voted = +/- 44% shareholders voting on BOD elections.

Director Nominees

Devinder Randhawa
Votes FOR 133,271,912
Percentage of Votes FOR 80.37%

Ross McElroy
Votes FOR 147,810,401
Percentage of Votes FOR 89.13%

Frank Estergaard
Votes FOR 142,575,910
Percentage of Votes FOR 85.98%

William Marsh
Votes FOR 139,408,510
Percentage of Votes FOR 84.07%

Anthony Milewski
Votes FOR 142,493,603
Percentage of Votes FOR 85.92%

Jeremy Ross
Votes FOR 138,870,186
Percentage of Votes FOR 83.74%

Raffi Babikian
Votes FOR 140,572,081
Percentage of Votes FOR 84.77%

December 15th, 2015 : As a result of the vote for Directors at the AGM the BOD of Fission Uranium now has the latitude and license to conduct the business of the company as they fit. We hope that they will act in the longterm interests of all Fission shareholders.

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FCU OverSight Canada Inc., is a private Canadian Corporation that was incorporated for the purposes of assisting all shareholders of Fission Uranium to have their collective voices heard.

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