Remarks by FCU OverSight at the Town Hall Meeting : Royal York, Toronto, October 6th.

Good afternoon Mr. Lundin, Mr. Randhawa, Mr. Cates - My name is Jim Gifford and I have been a shareholder of Fission since the days of Fission Energy, dating to 2010. I hold shares personally, through my RRSP, TFSA, and via my company G5 Incorporated.

Earlier today, I announced the formation of FCU Oversight to band together shareholders of Fission who are opposed to the plan of arrangement.

I intend to solicit proxies from shareholders and have filed on Sedar accordingly. I am keen to talk to all interested shareholders and management and thank both Fission and Denison for giving us all this opportunity to get together in advance of the EGM to discuss the proposal.

Mr. chairman, I understand that we have limited time today and as a result, I will not likely have the opportunity to ask, and have answered, many of my questions or to fully discuss with all of the shareholders here the reasons that FCU Oversight opposes the plan of arrangement.

Out of respect for the meeting and with full deference to the other speakers, I will keep my comments brief -

We are sure that you are doing all you can to have the Fission shareholders vote and to vote for or against as they wish; after all, that is the only way of ensuring that management and the board are doing what the shareholders would like.

So in furtherance of that goal, yesterday we instructed our lawyers to ask your lawyers for a shareholders list and a NOBO list so that those of us who oppose the transaction can reach out to other shareholders and have that discussion.

We realize that there are technical processes that we could have gone through to require the production of those lists, but are hopeful that you will act impartially and provide those shareholder lists to us tomorrow, rather than saying no and relying on technicalities to deny equal access.

My question is - Are you prepared to stand behind basic good governance and provide us with those lists later today or tomorrow?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

10-15-15 : We continue to request the lists.

NOTICE : This information, this page, and this website as a whole, is not intended to, and does not, constitute a solicitation of proxies in relation to the Fission AGM. Any solicitation of proxies by, or on behalf of, FCU OverSight or G. James Gifford as the nominating shareholder in relation to the Meeting, will take place upon and following the dissemination of the information circular and other meetings materials in accordance with applicable law.